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  1. Wood Species
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Add a Touch of Class to Any Room at an Affordable Price!

Not quite what you're looking for? We also have Traditional Wainscoting Wall Paneling, which is thinner and smaller boards than Planking.

Enhance your home with the beauty of solid hardwood. Our 1"x 6" tongue and groove paneling planks can be used for full walls, ceilings or wainscotings. This paneling is available in 6 species.

wainscoting wall planking wainscoting paneling decor

Both rustic and smooth styles are sanded to 150 grit. Ready to be installed and finished! 100% usable product, no wasted material, no additional machining.

All panels have tongue & groove edges. The 8' stock is end matched for a beautiful v-groove look; the 12' stock is a square end. Goes up like a dream with the tight tongue & grooves. Can be glued and/or nailed.

Email with any questions.

rustic ash planking
Rustic Ash
(med. finish)
rustic cherry planking
Rustic Cherry
(clear finish)
rustic maple wall planking
Rustic Maple
(clear finish)
rustic hickory planking
Rustic Hickory
(clear finish)


natural maple wall planking
Natural Maple
(med. finish)


Available Sizes:

  • 1"x 4" tongue & groove planks
    (8' or 12' long) covers .24 square feet per lineal foot
  • 1"x 6" tongue & groove planks
    (8' or 12' long) covers .40 square feet per lineal foot
  • Wall span 24' on center
  • Planking panels meaure 3/4" thick, referred to as nominal 1"
rustic red oak planking
Rustic Red Oak w/tight knots (med. finish)
smooth red oak planking
Plain beautiful smooth
Red Oak
(clear finish)


interior planking installation

Installation Tips

  • Nailing: Planking can be nailed directly to wall studs or ceiling joints. Use angled nails for greater holding power. Position nails on an angle as shown in the diagram.
  • Gluing: If using glue, use a quality wood glue to secure planking to the wall.
  • Tap boards in place using wood blocks to protect the surface.
  • Check with a level and tape measure to ensure a quality finish.

Ordering Information

To inquire about ordering planking, or to request samples, please contact us at or call Ben at (262) 622-3409.

Beautiful Hardwood Planking / Paneling

A great do-it-yourself project, our planking panels are ideal for any casual room, above fireplaces, wainscoting, hotels, motels, restaurants, churches, board rooms, offices, ceilings, courtrooms, cabins, sport centers, workout rooms, etc.

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